Emma Alberici recovering after accident at home

Emma Alberici is recovering after a nasty accident at home in which she very nearly lost her fingers.

The ABC’s chief economics correspondent took to Twitter this morning to reveal she underwent emergency surgery at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick after cleaning a blender in her kitchen.

On Twitter she said, “Advice: Don’t put fingers in stick blender blade to wash it while it’s still plugged in to the power. Fingers survived thanks to the incredible work of surgeon & team at Prince of Wales Hospital. Forever grateful we live in a country so blessed with world class medical treatment.”

Yikes. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!


  1. Sh!t Emma! Be careful! We’re all important but you do pretty important stuff. We all risk getting slack. Guess you got a nasty wake up call. Good luck and be kind to yourself.

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