Next, Deb Knight overcomes autocue problems…

Experience pays off, this time for Deb Knight, after another autocue fail at Nine News.

They sure are a cool, calm bunch at Nine News Sydney.

Just a week after Mark Burrows proved an autocue fail would not get the better of him, Deb Knight didn’t miss a beat when she too had to resort to paper scripts last night.

The autocue appeared to come good after about 15 minutes, but everyone again kept scripts handy just to be sure.

Both instances happened during Saturday bulletins… fingers crossed for next week?

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  1. When I watch Deb present the news at 6pm, she is incredible. She really captures the tone of the story and has full confidence of completely owning the desk for the hour. When I look at the today show, she’s lost in the set and environment. Similar to when I watched the footy show this year, the set looks past its use by date and is lost in its now unwanted history. I know this doesn’t really make much sense, but I just will end by saying Deb is a main player, and the physical environment around her on Today doesn’t let her shine to her full potential… I’ll have a re-think about rewording this one…

  2. … must be contagious … ABC Adelaide 7pm bulletin went without autocue for one story and the reader looked frightened to death!!! Probably never happened to her before. Ah remember the days before autocue when readers used to take pride in remembering chunks of copy so they only had to look down once in a while … I was in Brisbane when the introduced autocue for the first time at QTQ9 and newsreader Don Seccombe fixed the thing with a stare so intense viewers had to look away!!!

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