Renewed: Lucifer confirms final season

.... and this time it's for good.

Lucifer is coming to an end (again).

A fifth and final season has been confirmed by Netflix, who picked the show up after it was cancelled bY FOX at three seasons.

The show stars Tom Ellis as the fallen angel and the Lord of Hell, who works with the LAPD to take down Earth’s criminals.

“We’re thrilled that Lucifer fans around the world have embraced this series on Netflix, and we can’t wait to give them the big finish they’ve all been waiting for,” a Netflix spokesperson said.

“We are so incredibly thankful to Netflix for resurrecting our show last season, and now letting us finish the story of Lucifer on our terms,” said showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich. “Most importantly, we want to thank the fans for their incredible passion and support. The best is yet to come!!”

Season 4 began on Netflix last month.

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  1. If the shows ends with Lucifer becoming human it will lose all credibility not that it has a lot with the Prince of Darkness having a soft spot;but it’s an entertaining, light watching show that we like as it cannot be taken seriously.

  2. Obviously Season 4 was written to be the last and gave us a finale albeit not necessarily the one some would have liked.Season 5 now has the scope to give us something special to make it one of the few series to go out in a blaze of glory at the top of its game with a finale to satisfy all.

  3. I am a huge fan of the show, and echo the previous two entries position. The fact that the creators, cast and crew seem to be going out on their own terms is brilliant and all thanks to Netflix. Having seen the stats, Lucifer has been the second highest streamed show globally in the last 3 weeks only falling behind that dragon show. I look forward to seeing how they finish it all up and hopefully in more than 10 episodes, even though that dis allow for a nice condensed story for season 4.

  4. I guess the cast and crew of Lucifer will feel a little better now that they can give a proper conclusion to their show though the end of season 4 was almost a finale in itself. There is a temptation especially in the USA to stretch successful original stories almost to breaking point adding a new season every year, devoted fans wont agree of course but Arrow was a case in point with the shows, the CW producers wanting to draw out the shows end for commercial franchise purposes and those Arrowverse spin-off characters coming in the years ahead.

  5. Just last week I binged the whole show from start to finish now I wish I had paced myself but I couldn’t because it was just sooooo good. Now the wait for the last season next year is going to be awful especially knowing it’s the end!!

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