Time out for Neighbours actress

Neighbours actress Jodi Anasta is taking a three week break from filming due to exhaustion, according to media reports.

The story has made front page news on the Herald Sun.

A Channel 10 spokesperson said, “Jodi is taking some time out to rest, we look forward to having her back out on set soon.”

Manager Sean Anderson added, “She’s just having a rest. She’s exhausted so she’s taking three weeks off.

“She’s living between two cities, she’s also a single mum and there are challenges that come with it.”

Anasta joined the 10 Peach soap as Elly Conway in 2016.



  1. It’s a credit to the casting at Neighbours….I saw the photo of Bonnie that was posted originally and had to look twice. Bonnie and Jodi are remarkably alike.

    • It also doesn’t surprise me Jodi’s taking a break – her character has been front and centre of the show lately and that’s got to be a lot of work.

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