Airdate: Climate Change: The Facts

ABC will screen a BBC documentary Climate Change: The Facts, in which Sir David Attenborough looks at a planet on the verge of climate catastrophe.

For a long time, climate change was something that scientists were predicting would happen in the future. But that’s no longer the case.

Scientists across the globe are working to understand what will happen to our planet – and societies around the world – should we fail to slow the current rate of global warming.

If the rate of global warming continues, it’s predicted we’ll reach the threshold for permanent environmental damage within 40 years.

Today, that threshold is just two degrees away. But we have the power to stop it.

Using dramatic user-generated content and emotional first-hand accounts, this documentary delivers testimonies to global warming simply and strikingly. Intimate stories get inside the lives of the people affected by changing climates, and those fighting it. And world-leading experts reveal the developments that are redefining our horizons.

How can cows eating seaweed save the planet? Why should we put power plants on water? These inspiring stories show how we can take control of our future.

For humans alive today, this is one of the greatest challenges we’ve faced. And we can rise to it.

This is the story of a human race approaching environmental catastrophe. And how we can prevent it.

A BBC Studios co-production with IWC Media
Series Producer/Director: Serena Davies
Executive Producer: Jonathan Renouf

7.40pm, Sunday 11 August on ABC.


  1. I hope he consulted the scientists and those who really know climate change this time. Lately, he’s been basing his opinions just by looking out his very small window.

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