Bonnie Anderson to compete on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions

Neighbours star Bonnie Anderson will take time out from the soap to compete on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions.

Anderson, who plays mechanic Bea Nilsson in the 10 Peach soap, won Australia’s Got Talent on Seven in 2007. She will compete against the likes of Paul Potts, Collabro and this year’s finalist Ben Hart.

A BGT source told The Sun: “Bonnie is going to add some glamour to the show and she’s more than capable for doing well in the competition, especially with Neighbours fans on her side.”

Anderson recently attracted headlines when given a three-month good behaviour bond after covering up for her former boyfriend who was caught speeding. She was also up for a Logie Award in June.

Both Neighbours and Got Talent are Fremantle-owned properties.

Filming is currently underway in the UK.


  1. Soo how long will she be away from Neighbours for?! 2 or 3 months. Surprising ! Unless they give her a London recording contract… hmm

  2. This might get her music career back up n running and a chance of success in the UK charts. I was thinking she might have been on the masked singer tbh!

    • To be fair I won’t mind the break from hearing her so often on Neighbours lol. Not that she isn’t talented, she has a great voice.

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