Denise Scott switches to Melb. correspondent for Studio 10

Denise Scott has announced she will no longer be on Studio 10‘s Sydney panel, due to missing home too much.

But she will remain with the show as a Melbourne correspondent.

“I’m going to take a break from being on the panel and will be doing some reporting from Melbourne,” she explained.

“I do want to say I’ve had the most wonderful time. I’d never done this sort of show before and at my age to get such an opportunity to work with you wonderful…. I’m going to cry…. wonderful people….” she continued.

“I’m glad that I’ll be back.”

Scott joined the team in April 2018  following the departures of Jessica Rowe and Ita Buttrose.

Last August Denise Drysdale announced she would file from the Gold Coast, but has made occasional Sydney appearances.


  1. I couldn’t warm to her on Winners and Losers, but since seeing her on HYBPA and occasionally on Studio 10, I’ve really warmed to her. She’s hilarious and lovely. And she’s so good on HYBPA….that whole scene “you’ll be on Studio 10 one day!” to Sam Pang was hilarious.

  2. It’s amazing how her career has really taken off in the last couple of years, deservedly so, at an age where most would be slowing down. Whilst I don’t blame her, this show really can’t take a trick.

  3. white orchid

    I like Denise, and I will miss her on the show as a regular panelist. Unfortunately her “leaving” will leave us viewers with more of KAK, who is not right for the show, I won’t watch it when she is on, I am really hoping KAK will be the next panelist to leave.

    • Glad someone else has found KAK not a good fit. I remember when KAK first joined she had an interchange with Denis Scott where she was a bit cold and dismissive toward her. Scott stood her ground but the tension was evident. I’d be interested to know if the ratings have gone up or down since KAK joined (and Jessica Rowe, Ita and Carlotta have left).

  4. I very much admire Denise Scott. Her humour, insights and perspective on life is amazing and I’m often impressed when she is on the television. She is like a grandmother figure for me.

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