Foyle’s War is the show Brits miss most

These are the 10 shows UK viewers are missing from their TV screens the most.

Foyle’s War is the show Britons most miss according to a UK poll.

The wartime detective drama topped a list of shows in a survey conducted by Radio Times.

Second place went to police drama The Bill followed by spy drama Spooks.

Top 10 Most Missed TV Show of 21st Century:

  1. Foyle’s War, ITV, 2002—15
  2. The Bill, ITV, 1984—2010
  3. Spooks, BBC1 2002–2011
  4. Count Arthur Strong, BBC2/BBC1, 2013-17
  5. Home Fires, ITV, 2015-16
  6. Life On Mars, BBC1, 2006—7
  7. Detectorists, BBC Four, 2014-17
  8. Downton Abbey, ITV, 2010-2015
  9. Phoenix Nights, C4, 2001-2
  10. Happy Valley, BBC 1, 2014-16

Foyle’s War writer Anthony Horowitz said he would be up for writing “one or two” Foyle’s War Christmas specials – or potentially a whole new series.

“I’d certainly be up for a Christmas special or two if anybody asked,” he told Radio Times, before addressing the “missing year” of 1944. “It would actually make a whole series!”

Foyle’s War was a passion project for me from start to finish and I miss it to this day. It really cheers me up to think that Radio Times readers still hold it in such high regard,” Horowitz said.

“I wrote the last episode of Foyle’s War in 2014, but no matter where I am in the world, people still tell me how much it means to them. And the repeats still get high viewing figures.”

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  1. Foyle’s War, great show fair bit of the war left yet, Spooks another great show but depends which actors are in it, I read they were remaking or new Eps of Happy valley or I could be wrong the others ran their course
    One show I am waiting to return is Deep State

  2. Some suspicious entries on that list – Foyle’s War hardly entered the national conciousness, but Count Arthur Strong over any comedy of the last 20 years? Really?

    The Bill of course was completely screwed over by ITV – revamped to look nothing like it’s former self and axed when unsurprisingly viewing figures fell. It’s slot in the schedule has only really been replaced by extra episodes of Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

    Downton Abbey of course gets a movie this year and I strongly suspect if successful another will follow (films seems to be rarely commissioned as one-offs now), and if not it’s a likely candidate to return for Christmas specials in the future.

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