Nine sings with Sunday win

In preliminary OzTAM figures The Voice drew 991,000 (grand final)/ 599,000 (winner announced), but the show ran short of its allocated time.

Nine will adjust the figures to 995,000 (grand final) / 1.04m (winner announced) to reflect actual broadcast.

That’s down ever so slightly on last year’s 1.03m / 1.09m), but Nine easily beat the competition and topped two older demos.

House Rules trailed on 694,000 then MasterChef Australia (638,000, still on top of younger demos) and The Planets (499,000).

Nine won Sunday with 32.2% then Seven 28.8%, 10 16.6%, ABC 14.8% and SBS 7.7%.

Nine News drew 1.03m viewers and 60 Minutes was 470,000 in preliminary figures (to be adjusted to 542,000).

Seven News was #1 at 1.08m viewers for Seven then Sunday Night (489,000) and Million Dollar Cold Case (276,000).

The Sunday Project was 421,000 / 241,000 for 10 then 10 News First (287,000), FBI (234,000 / 177,000) and Bondi Rescue (173,000).

On ABC it was ABC News (648,000), Harrow (457,000) and Compass (205,000). Manolo: The Boy who made Shoes for Lizards was 127,000.

Scotland: Rome’s Final Frontier led SBS at 203,000 then SBS World News (127,000) and Tour De France (107,000). Gurrumul drew 51,000.

7mate movie Independence Day: Resurgence topped multichannels at 169,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 7 July 2019


  1. Presumably MasterChef being in WA this week is a commercial arrangement. That being the case, I’d have thought there would have been a better way of showcasing Perth than cooking inside of a football stadium.

  2. ‘The Planets’ should be compulsory viewing-absolutely breathtaking, and yet the hoi polio still flock to reality rubbish and talent contests…

  3. I’m surprised The Voice final rated so well, given all the talented people were kicked out in the previous round. And they wonder why you never hear from them again!

    • Gee the people kicked out in the previous round must have possessed phenomenal talent, because the four finalists I saw last night for the first time were all really great performers.

    • And again… if they had had an extra 2-3 weeks to show themselves with performances and maybe only kick out 2 per week they would have a better chance at ppl connecting

    • It’s appropriate though, 3million+ seeing Idol winners who are still relevant today. Compared to less than a third of that seeing The Voice winners who fade into obscurity pretty quickly. The Voice has proven that to be true year after year. It just seems to not matter if you win or not.

  4. How much trouble is Sunday Night in? Well put it this way…60 Minutes had 53K more viewers after 9.30 compared to Sunday Night at 8.30 according to the adjusted figures

  5. Good to see “The Winners Announced” segment back for The Voice. A staple for all reality finals. Haha.

    It’s a shame that Gurrumul rated that low – even by SBS standards. It’s a great documentary.

    • Was also simulcast on NITV which may have had a slight effect on numbers-surprised at how well the Roman doco did-that has to be at least the 3rd time its been on in that slot!

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