Ninja Warrior, Australia’s Got Talent lead entertainment shows on Sunday

Ratings: Ninja Warrior tops the night while AGT launches well for Seven. Did 60 Minutes really match the hype?

Australian Ninja Warrior  was #1 and topped the demos with 1.15m -that was up on last Sunday’s 998,000.

Australia’s Got Talent is off to a good start at 814,000 for Seven, up on last Sunday’s House Rules.

That was also well ahead of Australian Survivor at 562,000, which was down on MasterChef, but 10’s show did land second in younger demos. 10 struggled thereafter landing 4th behind ABC.

A much-teased 60 Minutes investigation drew 738,000, improved by 91,000, but did it match the hype?

Nine network won Sunday with 33.7% then Seven 29.2%, ABC 16.9%, 10 14.1% and SBS 6.2%.

Nine News pulled 976,000 for Nine with Suburban Gangsters at 168,000.

Seven News won its slot at 1.11m for Seven. Sunday Night was defeated at 486,000 then What the Killer Did Next (270,000).

The Sunday Project was 361,000 / 205,000 for 10 then 10 News First (220,000), Instinct (low at 185,000) and Bondi Rescue (135,000).

ABC News (637,000), The Planets (489,000), Midsomer Murders (470,000) and Compass (227,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Who Do You Think You Are? (150,000), Jack the Ripper: The Case Reopened (128,000) and SBS World News (127,000).

Bluey on ABC KIDS topped multichannels at 165,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 28 July 2019

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  1. Was worried that Survivor’s ratings for Sunday wouldn’t be as good as it was on Wed/Thu. Although it should be considered given that the show had no reality competition (House Rules was finished and there was no ANW), but I am not surprised that it was still this low. Hopefully, it’ll do well tonight and tomorrow.

  2. And what’s the go with AGT blasting out all these radio ads about ” Aussies doing remarkable things etc ” …I read they had actually flown in acts from overseas to appear ?
    So what actually is this show?
    Australia’s Got Talent ? or Australia’s Got Talent ( Made from local and imported ingredients ) ?
    Perhaps the producers don’t know either, certainly sounds like it…

  3. Sunday Night goes straight into the first story. No small introduction on the other stories. So if you’re not interested in the first story you’re more likely to switch off because you don’t know what’s coming up.

  4. Shame Instinct rated so low really enjoyed the first season, hoping good things for the second. As mentioned by tayzz hardly any advertising we came across it purley by accident when we were flicking around.

  5. What a surprise that casinos will do just about anything to entice big losing ” whales ” to visit ?
    Perhaps the worst parasitic but still legal business in the world …preying on the big cats that can afford to lose and the millions of blue collar punters who can’t.
    What a disgrace. And don’t get me started on Woolworths and its reliance on pokies – only now they want to get out when the heat gets too hot in the kitchen…

  6. I predict AGT will eventually crash and burn. It’ll rate well for a few weeks, just like Little Big Shots first season, only that had a much much higher base to start from. But I could be very wrong. Hard to tell when a network has live footy and powerful news to help it along, tonight may be more telling.

  7. So Survivor went as we all predicted – should’ve stuck to Wednesday and Thursday!
    I had hardly seen any advertising for Instinct; was surprised to see ads fmduring Survivor. I watched part but then went to bed.

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