Returning: Hard Quiz

Gold Logie winner Tom Gleeson returns with new episodes of cancelled show Hard Quiz.

Gleeson promised to un-axe his show if he won the Gold Logie, but these episodes were already filmed prior to

Australia’s favourite quiz show returns Hard!

A brand-new batch of experts, clever-clogs and superfans are lining up to prove that they really know their stuff. They might be able to defeat their competitors, but can they crack television’s grumpiest quiz show host? Find out in a show packed with laughs, head-scratchers and those moments that leave you saying “Wow, I never knew that!”

Quizmaster Tom Gleeson has just pocketed himself a Gold Logie, but that’s nothing – because each week on Hard Quiz, one contestant gets to take home the real highest honour in Australian TV: the coveted Big Brass Mug™!

8pm Wednesday July 31 on ABC.


  1. Calling for the bloke to get sacked is extreme. Don’t like him anymore? Don’t watch. Thought he was on the money? Get on board the new season! I get some people might be offended by what he said but he decisively provided a pivotal moment in his career which would have both won and lost him fans. Time will tell what wins out but he’s definitely not done enough to get fired.

  2. We should start an online campaign to get it axed and him sacked… I mean if a (to quote Sarah Harris) Wayne Kerr… can campaign to win the Gold Logie, getting him sacked by public opinion should be easy lol

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