Returning: Mum

UK comedy Mum is returning to BBC First for its third and final season in August.

This is a six part series which screened in Britain in May. It will air in double episodes.

Lesley Manville returns with Peter Mullan for the third and final season of the Bafta-winning sitcom Mum. Mum shows a widow adjusting to life since the passing of her husband, while managing her family’s expectation of her anticipating relationship with family friend Michael.

In the final series, Cathy and her family decamp to the English countryside to celebrate Derek’s birthday.

Fridays at 8.30pm from August 9 on BBC First.

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  1. Her son is truly one of the most annoying characters on tv!!! Season 3 he’s the worst I felt. But enjoyed it and was a great series.

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