ScoMo calls on Outback Truckers

Q&A can't get PM Scott Morrison but he happily Facetimes with 7mate's Outback Truckers.

Q&A can’t get PM Scott Morrison but 7mate’s Outback Truckers has him, in a surprise Facetime call next week.

It happened after WA trucker, Glenn ‘Yogi’ Kendall, and his mate Peter Wright, were concerned at the plight of farmers in the NSW drought.

In just three weeks, the duo raised $100,000 in donated hay and feed and convinced seven other truckies to lend their time and trucks to deliver the hay to the farmers.

Ben MacGuire from the Australian Truckers Association, and also one of the truckers on the convoy, alerted the PM’s office which led to a Facetime call from ScoMo thanking the for their help.

“G’day Scott…. Mr. Morrison… what do I call you you?” asked Kendall.

“Call me whatever you like,” the PM replied.

“You can call me Yogi,” Kendall said.

The episode airs at 8:30pm next Tuesday on 7mate.

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  1. Yogi seems like a really good bloke. Great family man.

    Anyone wanting to watch the entire drought relief storyline, this upcoming Tuesday will the the third part of the story.

  2. good on you truckers and outback truckers, if it was not for trucks then Australia would stop, and the charity transport and food on our tables and fuel at the bowsers, and no one thanks the trucker or very few do, our politicians collect fuel tax, repair tax, road tax and dinner taxes, and when truckers do this , there is not a bit of help financial for the fuel cost and tyres and repairs, and you wont see the Politian’s travel on the roads they do, and you wont see them long hours and time deadlines in peak hour traffic, but collect the revenue from fines and late deliveries and oversize deadline curfew, just so they can make a safe spot for dinner and shower before curling up in the bunk, and the government wont give there time traveling to help charities just a phone call to say thankyou, tell them to do something to help our own instead of looking after the overseas first, or line…

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