Seven News upbeat on Gold Coast bulletin

Seven is upbeat about its performance with Seven News on the Gold Coast, presented by Amanda Abate and Rod Young.

With the bulletin having launched two years ago against a long-running local Nine News, Seven News boss Craig McPherson recently sent staff a note.

“Well done on what has so far been an exceptional year for 7News on the Gold Coast, reflected on the all-important ratings scoreboard,” he wrote.

“I’m sure you’re aware we’ve now secured 21 ratings weeks to the other mob’s 1 week.

“While there’s never a full-time whistle blown on what we do, what has been achieved by you all is significant.

“With an opposition who’ve had the rule of the land for almost 2 decades, to move ahead within 18 months of start-up is something you can all be very proud of.

“Look forward to getting up your way for a celebration soon.

“Keep it going and well done.”


  1. Seven News Gold Coast is only screened within the Gold Coast region thru Channel 71 (Seven SD) while Channel 70 (Seven HD) follows Brisbane’s schedule. From 4:30, Channel 71 cuts away from the Brisbane 4pm news and screens The Chase Australia, followed by Seven Gold Coast News at 5:30.

  2. Are you able to explain how Gold Coast ratings work in this case? Firstly, this market (or sub-market?) is covered by both OzTam and RegTam is it not (Brisbane feeds and regional feeds within North NSW market respectively)?

    If “7News Gold Coast” only airs in the Brisbane transmission there, how does that work? As wouldn’t it just be under “Brisbane” or can they see how many are on the Gold Coast?

    Very puzzling.

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