The Block confirms 2019 contestants

Five couples renovate The Oslo, St. Kilda in Season 15 of The Block.

Nine yesterday confirmed the five couples who will renovate The Block for its 15th season.

The couples chosen from more than 45,000 entries are:

Tess (28) and Luke (30) – Media sales partner and carpenter from Cairns, Queensland
El’ise (33) and Matt (39) – Fashion manager and carpenter from Perth, Western Australia
Jesse (29) and Mel (31) – Real estate agent and contracts administrator from Melbourne, Victoria
Mitch (56) and Mark (57) – Stylish grandads from Sydney New South Wales
Andy (48) and Deb (46) – Stand-up comedian and homewares store owner from Wallabi Point, New South Wales

Five houses, built more than 150 years ago on the back of the Victorian goldrush, were concealed behind The Oslo backpackers hotel in St. Kilda.

“At the start I looked at this and thought that’s impossible,” says host Scott Cam.

“Here we have double the size of what we did last year, and more than six times the size of the original Block in Bondi back in 2003. That’s a big ask.”

Shelley Craft, foremen Keith and Dan and judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer all return for the series, expected in August.

Renovations have already been completed on the property, with an auction tipped for October.

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  1. joke’ how many snow flakes does it take to ruin a great show?’ ans ‘ apparently just one. sorry not funny. please leave the one show i look forward to each year alone.if u don’t like it watch something else, stop looking at colour, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs and just see people doing DIY. stop just stop the program is fine the way it is. thanks guys for my fav program lots of love from ireland x

  2. Phew, someone brought it up. I was worried that nobody would bring up skin colour in the first 10 comments. Getting old guys! I hope they pick contestants that suit the requirements of the show and we don’t know how many non white people actually apply for the show.

  3. Yawn… can’t wait to see them compete in a 24 hour challenge to renovate a guest bedroom before they start renovating their first bathroom…. Also can’t wait for that couple who tries to put their own style on it before the judges beat them down and keep telling them that their “styling” is expensive or “luxurious” enough and the couple starts producing rooms that look everyone else’s

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