Axed: Andrew Denton: Interview

Andrew Denton: Interview is ending at two seasons.

A post on its official Facebook page said:

After two seasons of Andrew Denton’s Interview, the team behind the program decided to ax itself.

It has been a delight to make the show for Seven, who have given the show every opportunity to shine, and have confirmed they would have recommissioned it for next year. We apologize for taking a different path.

We’re also making interviews for a public viewing that is open to make. We’re proud of the conversations. It’s put on screen and podcast, but it feels like the right time to move on.

For the record, there is no truth in the rumor that Andrew will be replacing Matt Preston on Masterchef. (We know, because Andrew started the rumor). We look forward to not seeing everyone at the 2020 Logies.

Polly Connolly, Jon Casimir, Andrew Denton
Executive Producers

PS. To be clear, we wrap both the TV and the podcast.


  1. thedirtydigger

    For such an erudite host this news release appears to be written by a kid who don’t read so good.
    “We’re also making interviews for a public viewing that is open to make.”
    Better get a job writing The Living Room news releases, where grammar goes to die.
    As for walking away from a Seven deal…well perhaps that new deal was less than the deal you had ( damn cost cutting and all that ).
    I’m sure we’ll see Andrew pop up somewhere soon.

    • It looks like they’ve edited the Facebook post:

      “We’re also glad to have been able to make Interview for a viewing public that received it with open hearts.”

    • As the production team stated themselves, it was their own decision to end the show, and they said that Seven confirmed that they would have commissioned it for a third season in 2020 (so it wouldn’t have mattered what channel it was on – it was never going to continue). They’ve also decided to end the associated podcast, too (as stated in the article above).

    • Denton is a great interviewer but not so much PR person. That Facebook post is cringeworthy. Making the point that Seven would have picked them up comes across as needy and the Logies joke isn’t very funny.

  2. Andrew Denton was always his own man, he’s perhaps one of the few Australian celebrities who will choose their own career path and not have it decided for them.

  3. I have only just learned that this is a Seven show. I just assumed that this was on the ABC.

    This would have been insufferable with the constant ad breaks.

  4. A shame that the show has gone. Thought season one was okay (hard to transition from Enough Rope on the ABC to Seven’s Interview and ads). But thought that the second season was great and it had momentum. I watched almost every interview.

    Hope to see Denton on our screens somewhere in 2020.

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