Mark Beretta named 2019 Australian Father of the Year

Sunrise sports presenter named by The Shepherd Centre's annual honour.

Sunrise sports presenter Mark Beretta has been named the 2019 Australian Father of the Year by The Shepherd Centre, a charity for deaf and hearing-impaired children.

‘Beretts’ is a father of two children, Ava (15) and Daniel (12), and an ambassador for several organisations including RAISE Foundation, which assists young people in crisis, the Fight Cancer Foundation, and the Australian Paramedic Support Foundation.

“This is a huge and unexpected honour! Being a dad is a tremendous privilege and I am very grateful for a wife and kids who teach me so much,” he said. “Becoming a dad is a special experience and it does change your life in a very fulfilling way – all my favourite memories involve my family. So many dads out there are doing a great job with their families and I am regularly inspired by the role they play in bringing up brilliant Australian kids. I take my hat off to fathers across Australia for all they do; they deserve a pat on the back.”

David Koch, who was Father of the Year in 2007, said: “It is an enormous honour to be chosen Father of the Year. I could not think of a better father to represent all us dads than Beretts. No one’s perfect but he is way ahead of most of us. His two gorgeous children, Ava and Dan, are a wonderful testament to the parenting and love of Mark and Rachel. Every time Mark talks about his kids, his eyes light up. He takes such an interest in, and devotes so much time to supporting, the lives of Ava and Dan that he is a role model to all dads.”

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  1. Beretts is one of the best guys you will ever meet. I went to visit sunrise after the show one day while in Sydney and Beretts came out with Nat and actually spoke to you asking where you are from, what footy team do you barrack for and how long you are visiting Sydney for. He does great work each year with his Tour De Cure and his other charities.

    On Sunrise he is always smiling and happy. Congrats to him.

      1. I mean, good on Berretts but laurie also has a point…I find it hard to believe that out of all the fathers in Australia, two of the “best” happen to both be Sunrise anchors. It’s a criticism of the contest rather than of the person.

  2. Congratulations to Mark. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. I can never quite understand why, most of the time, he isn’t used more to do actual sports reporting and interviews on the big events other than just the half hour bulletins. Same with Sam the weather guy. All he does is half hour funny crosses and reads the temps and that’s it. When there is an actual big weather event, the others do it??

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