The Proposal to feature same-sex participants

31 year old Lisa will have both male & female admirers vying for her affections in new Seven dating show.

Upcoming Seven dating show The Proposal will feature same-sex participants, with one bisexual single courted by both males and female admirers.

The bold show includes one single who meets a range of possible life partners, two of whom will offer a marriage proposal by the end of the episode. But there are no guarantees of a “Yes” response, nor eventual wedding.

Based on a US format, the game-show style series is hosted by Luke Jacobz and produced by Warner Bros. Australia (The Bachelor, The Masked Singer).

Amongst the 8 singles announced by Seven is 31 year old Adelaide hairdresser, Lisa. She will have both male and female prospective partners vying for her affections.

“I don’t really see gender; it all comes down to the person and what’s on the inside. I’m bisexual, so I am attracted to men and women. I can appreciate beauty in a woman as much as I appreciate sexiness of a man,” she said.

Lisa also recently came out to her parents.

“My dad didn’t react as great as my mum only because he doesn’t understand it. It could be a generational thing; I totally understand that. He could come around at some point, I hope so.

“It’s been hard because this is not something I have chosen for myself. My sister is aware of my sexuality and she’s been nothing but supportive.”

International dating shows such as A Shot at Love, The Bi Life and Are You The One? have featured bisexual dating on Pay TV but The Proposal may well be an Australian-made TV first.

“This will be the first time that I’ve really opened myself up to men and women equally. I’d like somebody who’s humble, who’s caring and compassionate.

“Somebody who can hold a conversation and is willing to make a joke even if it makes them look silly,” she added.

“I have absolutely no idea who I am going to end up with, but if I found the right person for me that would make it all worth it.”

The Proposal is coming soon to Seven.

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