Wentworth filmed Prisoner cast cameos

EXCLUSIVE: With that Wentworth ending shocking viewers last week, TV Tonight can now reveal the Foxtel series had filmed an alternative ending with original Prisoner cast members.

Val Lehman, Colette Mann and Fiona Spence secretly filmed cameo appearances last year for the series, in a further sign the show was bowing out.

But after it was renewed by the subscription TV provider the new ending was shot, exciting fans with a returning favourite.

A Fremantle spokesperson confirmed to TV Tonight, “At the time when we were wrapping up Series 7, we did film this standby scene in case we didn’t proceed as a tribute to where it all began.  In the context it was written, it won’t feature in Series 8, however it was a privilege to have the ladies on set with us that day and it was a memorable moment for all the cast.”

Filming will resume in 20 new episodes from October, expected to screen across 2020 and 2021.


  1. Glass Portcullis

    I’m of that generation that remembers Prisoner being on, but was far too young for it. Have loved Wentworth tho. I’m a few seasons behind (I think I got halfway through S4 before life got in the way). Glimpsing Seachange last night reminded me that I really should return to it.

    • Ideally, yes, but I would guess that it will be included in the actual final season’s Blu-ray/DVD set, whenever that happens, as the alternate ending that was filmed may spoil what the producers have in mind for the conclusion of the series (which they may need to re-shoot in light of the show’s renewal).

      If, however, the former Prisoner actresses do not appear alongside the current Wentworth cast, then they may as well use the footage in the actual finale, especially if re-shooting it is no longer possible (in the event that one of the actresses passes away while Wentworth is still on the air, for example).

      And of course, sometimes producers have their own reasons for not making such content available publicly, such as unaired pilot episodes and red herring endings.

  2. daveinprogress

    “This is a prison not a holiday camp, Anderson. Maybe a couple of days in solitary will remind you”. “Oh fair go Miss Bennett it wasn’t me that put Wonky Warner’s hand in the press”…. it doesn’t feel like 40 years since these eps first aired. One of the greatest series Australia ever created.

    • Doesn’t time just fly. Loved the scene where Ferguson walked into the laundry, picked up a pair of scissors from the sewing machine table and proceeded to snip off the end of a cigarette that an inmate was smoking….”your smoko break had just been cut short ” ?

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