An 80 year old Flatmate vacancy

The fourth and final of 10’s Pilot Week premiered last night.

The premise of Screentime’s My 80 Year Old Flat Mate was to offer permanent accommodation to two young Aussies, sharing house with two seniors.

So how did the experiment go? Not very well.

Sydney socialite Christa offered Chipo a permanent room, but Chipo turned her down before the credits even rolled.

Meanwhile muso Caleb (pictured far left), accepted an offer to room with John. Yesterday 10 said that too had fizzled out.

A Network 10 spokesperson said, “The band has since broken up, but John and Caleb are still happily making music together.”

It isn’t clear how long Caleb actually lived with John once cameras stopped filming.


  1. I actually enjoyed this show. No one made any claims that it was meant to be a serious high brow social documentary. It was trashy entertainment and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’d watch it again if it was on after 10.30pm, but 30 mins would’ve been enough.

  2. My bet is not very long, no longer than a few days or a week…I’m guessing this experiment was probs a failure and if 10 wish to renew this, they need millennials who actually want to take part in this.

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