1. Old People’s home and Seachange are earmarked for timeshifting. Also, Seachange is encored during the week so no need to watch it. The Survivor Finale is like a sport Grand Final, it has to be watched in real time.

  2. I loved the series and I would expect another season has already been planned. Ten should see the momentum continue with the Masked Singer. Having thought about it further most of Tens reality shows involve celebs even MC.

    • Are they looking for the same demographic to follow on to the singing show? Not sure that all Survivor fans will go there, especially as a new US Survivor season is about to start.

  3. Great result 10 must be very happy.

    Should be interesting to see how all stars is taken by audiences.

    I wonder if next season they be after Mafs and paired with BIP (or move BIP).

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