Nine denies News Corp report on Today

Nine has denied a report in today’s Sunday Telegraph which suggested Karl Stefanovic  & Carrie Bickmore would be teamed up on Today to address flagging ratings.

Statement from Darren Wick, Nine Director of News and Current Affairs:

“The story published by News Corporation in its Sunday newspapers and online stating as fact that Nine has approached Carrie Bickmore to join the Network is a lie. 
“Nine has not approached, and does not intend to approach, Carrie Bickmore or her representatives about joining Nine as a host of the Today Show, nor in any other role. 
“Carrie is an outstanding broadcaster and an inspirational person. She’s terrific. But she does not factor in our plans for the future.
“News Corp’s story is not a beat up – it is completely made up. 

According to Nine the reporter was told yesterday by Nine that the allegation was incorrect.

“Yet, News Corporation has chosen to publish it regardless without corroborating sources or facts to support this fantasy. In fact, the story does not contain any sources on the record. And the anonymous sources it quotes will not stand up to scrutiny under any possible legal examination.”

In recent weeks Nine sources have privately expressed concerns about coverage in News Corp newspapers, said to be linked to Nine’s recent ownership of rival papers The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.


  1. If this were to happen Today would likely have to move to Melbourne. Carrie has been unwilling to move to Sydney in the past and I doubt that would have changed. Karl on the other hand has been open to moving South in the past….

    • I’d love to see today moved to Melbourne. Channel 9’s building right outside southern cross station, marvel stadium and the city backdrop is a perfect option. However, with nine moving to its north Sydney location, I’m sure this is a given for the floor studio to hold the today show

  2. Appears to be an odd story. One minute Karl is on the nose with viewers because of his off-field antics. So the head honchos decide to perform a clean sweep of the Today Show. Now people are requesting his return? Whether there is any truth to the rumours or not I feel for Georgie, Deb and others when outside or inside influences attempt to undermine them.

  3. Newscorp wont rest till Today is no more. Helped in orchestrating Karl’s departure and now calling for him to come back.
    Even if there were truth in it, Carrie would have to uproot her husband, kids and support network to make the move to Sydney.

    I’m tired of reading fantasy stories presented as fact in the media and in tabloid papers, it’s getting old.

  4. As a loyal Today viewer nothing would make me happier than seeing Karl back in the chair & Georgie gone. Stranger things have happened & a swap of Lisa for Carrie might be a good thing. Let’s see if this rumour has legs

  5. Lol, Carrie only appears on Nine when presenting or accepting Logies, or in Garnier ads. The culture at Nine wouldn’t suit her anyway, far too toxic and pretentious for someone as genuinely lovely as our Carrie. Maybe KAK should do Today ?

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