Secret business for hometown girl

Actress Georgina Haig has been performing for a decade including in Australia and the USA.

But for Seven’s Secret Bridesmaids’ Business she finds herself in her own backyard on the Mornington Peninsula, including filming at a local winery where her mother’s own artwork is on display.

“It was amazing to be filming by accident in a room with my mother’s artwork,” she laughs.

“It was literally down the road from where I grew up. I knew Karen the winemaker. It was very close to home and close to my heart.”

While her mother is a fine artist her father Russell is script writer of BMX Bandits, The Cup, Tandarra, Cash and Company and Blue Heelers.

“I felt a responsibility to take the lead”

Joined by Abbie Cornish and Katie McGrath, Haig took it upon herself to play hostess and bond with her co-stars in the process.

“We had a lunch and I put on a wine tasting for the girls. Because the way the series is, I knew I had to fall in love with them. But also because we were filming in my home town I felt a responsibility to take the lead. We’re all really different but we found ways to connect and create the friendship. Those girls are not difficult to fall in love with!” she says.

“It’s a credit to them that we were able to throw ourselves into it. Tori our director in the first block was so incredible and collaborative.”

Secret Bridesmaids’ Business also features Alexander England, Dan Spielman, Annie Jones, Nicholas Bell and Emily Taheny.

The 6 part Seven Studios drama based loosely on a play of the same name by Elizabeth Coleman.

“It was exciting to hear about it being invigorated into a romantic thriller. Being based off a play you have a strong character base to work from. Elizabeth Coleman co-wrote the pilot,” she continues.

“The first episode is most similar to the play”

“The play was more of a romantic comedy, so it’s very different. But the themes of trust, loyalty, truthfulness are still in our show.

“The first episode is most similar to the play and then it veers very quickly.”

Haig, whose credits include Once Upon a Time, Fringe, The Elephant Girl, plays bride-to-be Olivia, whose friends and bridesmaids Saskia (McGrath) & Melanie (Cornish) are harbouring secrets -including that her fiancee (Oliver Ackland) has cheated on her. Questions about infidelity, monogamy and commitment abound. When is a good time to tell a friend news they may not want to hear?

“Is it kinder to keep this to myself?”

“There have definitely been moments in my past where I know the truth will be hurtful, and I’ve wondered is it kinder to keep this to myself? And there have been occasions where I’ve made the decision to keep it hidden. It was incredibly destructive and it took a really long time for it to go away. It was almost like it lived within me and certain things could trigger it to come out. It became something I was carrying around,” Haig explains.

“With children it’s difficult. I know my parents kept certain things from me growing up to protect me. I’m sure with my daughter I’ll be making the same judgment calls.

“I like the idea that it takes more to be honest. Often it strengthens relationships.”

Seven begins the series with three episodes next Sunday, Monday & Tuesday at 9pm.

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