Soapie switcheroo for The Heights

When The Heights returns to ABC in 2020 it will be with a soapie switcheroo…

Wth Marcus Graham not returning as Pav, the role will continue with actor Rupert Reid (Sunshine, Winners & Losers, Blue Heelers).

“Luckily there is a great tradition in soap. The Young & the Restless did it, Neighbours changed Lucy Robinsons!” Alistair McKinnon general manager of Matchbox Pictures told TV Tonight.

“Rupert is fabulous and we’re lucky to have him.”

Marcus Graham was unavailable for the second season, despite him featuring in the series’ cliffhanger. But producers opted to continue the role while working around his exit.

“We’re not really in the business of trying to thwart people’s careers,” McKinnon said.

“We were really fortunate to get everyone else back. A lot of those actors are in demand for theatre and other TV shows and their profiles were raised by the show.”

The Heights is currently in production in Perth until the end of the year.


  1. It still happens often in daytime soaps. Its a bit jarring when its a lead characters though. Also with this abc show trying hard to be real slice of life, this move definately puts it in the soapie territory. I guess it couldn’t be helped and no disrespect to Marcus but he has bailed on soapie roles before. He left E Street at the height of his popularity as Wheels and left H&A after a lengthy stint, but it was just after his character and Roo finally wed.

  2. Bah. I hate when shows recast. I would rather that they write him out entirely or have him appear in guest appearances instead.

    The irony is that I will probably enjoy Reid’s performance a whole lot more than Graham’s as I have been completely indifferent to the character of Pav so far (I’m just past the halfway point of season 1).

  3. I saw production filming yesterday arvo in East Perth. Pheonix Raei(Ash) was “driving” a station wagon with the cameras and crew all around it as it was being towed along on a trailer. Quite cool to see!

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