25m watched El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Netflix has confirmed bumper first numbers for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

The film was watched by 25,734,392 households in its first seven days.

Netflix is selective about releasing data on its viewing numbers.

In the first four weeks of release, Stranger Things season 3 was watched by 64 million member households.

Netflix previously confirmed Secret Obsession starring Brenda Song, was watched by 40 million households in the first four weeks. Unbelievable was watched by 32 million member households in its first 28 days. Otherhood directed by Cindy Chupack in her feature directorial debut, was watched by 29 million households in its first four weeks.

Netflix records a “view” of a series if a member account watches just one episode to at least 70% completion.


  1. And just wait a few months and Netflix will drop the 3 hour version with a different ending that Aaron has been talking about.
    2 blockbusters for the price of one ! Rack up another 25 million plus views ..

  2. Breaking bad is so brilliant and I loved El Camino, not in the way I loved Breaking Bad but it was great to see a conclusion of sorts for Jesse.It just reminded me of how good television is sometimes

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