Airdate: One Born Every Minute Australia

10’s new observational series One Born Every Minute Australia, is due later this month.

Created by Dragonfly (UK) the series has now been adapted in 10 markets including France, Denmark, Czech Republic and Israel.

One Born Every Minute Australia is made by Endemol Shine Australia and filmed at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital.

This gripping fly-on-a-wall series takes a tender and intimate look at the hustle and bustle of the Birth Unit inside Sydney’s Westmead Hospital, following the journey of expectant mothers, their families and the midwives.

From the reception desk to the operating theatre, each of the glorious and unpredictable moments of child birth are captured via 60 remote operated cameras that record 24/7, ensuring nothing about the experience is missed.

These life changing moments are like no other: raw, real and incredibly emotional. The human drama of One Born Every Minute Australia will have you holding your breath, reaching for the tissues and feeling all the amazing feels that can only come from witnessing new life come into the world.

Tuesday, 22 October at 8.30pm on 10.


  1. Great news. Apart from watching someone’s personal birth video, this is the definitive educational show of the realities of childbirth. It doesn’t shy away from the hours of boredom (in birth, not in the show) and the stop-start nature of labour.

    The fake portrayal of birth on drama shows has much to answer for. Nice to have a show to recommend to women who want to know what it is really like.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this…been growing board of the re-runs of the UK version. Really wanted to hear about the Aussies first – then we might be able to do the repeats.

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