Brits to get Love Island Australia

Love Island Australia is set to screen in the UK from next week.

It will have a late night screening on ITVBe from 10pm next Monday and continue daily.

Love Island is a runaway success in the UK and Brit fans were hot for Aussie episodes via YouTube last year.

The series surely won’t do any harm to the profile of Sophie Monk and break-out contestants looking for insta-fame. Nahhh, that’d never happen.

Episode 1 debuted here to 494,000.

Source: Radio Times



  1. I watched love Island UK from the start (season 1&2 were aired here on tens channel 11) and was hooked from day one. It rose to huge popularity in the UK across all age brackets and become water cooler chat. The Australian version last year was such a huge let down (mainly casting) and aired in the UK with die hard love island fans watching. (Most seemed to like having an Australian dose of their favourite show). I think the UK version is superior because of their excellent casting and Ian Stirlings voice over. I hadn’t planned on watching the Australian version this year, especially as the UK next year will have 2 seasons (January and June) but I was talked into it. So far, it’s much better than last years effort. Interesting thing is that channel 9 for the past season hasn’t given the UK series a TV slot (even a late night GO! Offering) and only screen it via the app. (So very…

  2. Hi David sorry to make a correction but it is a common and accidental one (Molk from Black box did the same thing haha) but the narrator of the Australian edition is not Iain Stirling. Our version is narrated by an Irishman named Eoghan Mcdermott. Legit In the first episode alone he interjected multiple times and had my household of 20somethings in tears of laughter I genuinely urge you to just watch episode 1 if nothing else this season (predominantly 2nd half of the episode once they’ve coupled up)! Thanks as always you still blow me away with all the amazing work that you do here 🙂

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