Canberra tribute as David Speers nears SKY News exit

Politicians, journos and SKY News last night paid tribute to David Speers ahead of his departure from SKY News.

The Australian reported SKY News Australia chief executive Paul Whittaker said Speers helped build SKY into a “leader in political news and nat­ional affairs coverage”.

Other guests at his farewell included Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese and politicians from both sides of the house.

Guardian Australia political editor Katharine Murphy said Speers’ was “saying farewell in characteristically classy fashion, thanking the mentors and colleagues”.

Former SKY News colleague Jennifer Bechwati, now with Seven, called Speers: “Undoubtedly one of the best political journalists of our generation. A great mentor and friend.”

Canberra power broker Grahame Morris said: The most extraordinary collection of politicians and journos at David Speers’ farewell from SKY News tonight. Without a doubt the most influential journalist in Australia since Laurie Oakes.”

Speers is heading to ABC to host Insiders in 2020 and expected for other roles.

Source: Mediaweek, Twitter

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  1. In my opinion it’s a shame that Sky News didn’t look to expand the neutral political stance that David Speers presented in his show, he was the moderator figure with an educated political point of view he only interjected when comments strayed from the subject discussed, the growing numbers of columnists and radio shock jocks depreciated the credibility of Sky News in recent years reaching a crescendo during Mr. Turnbull’s tenure as PM. I can’t imagine that the ABC will just have Speers hosting ‘Insiders’ perhaps a revival of ‘Lateline’ or a similar show may not be that far away.

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