1. I can’t believe 10 did not address their 6pm problem at the recent Upfronts. They fix this and the network would often be second given their post 7.30pm programming has done quite well in 2019. A game show clearly are not working after trying three shows(good on them for trying). News Is performing badly at 5pm given the lack of eyeballs available. 10 have to make the move at some point. Surely.

    • At the very least they could trial a switch-around of what they currently have during the Summer. I would put a game show at 5pm, follow it with 10 News from 5:30-6:30, leading straight into The Project.

    • What could work is Ten News First dropped altogether – would cost a lot of money and no-one is watching… bump BATB to 5pm, Neighbours at 5:30pm, place The Project from 6 – 7, reality from 7 onwards. Have a late night “real” news bulletin at 9:30/10pm like they used to with Sandra Sully out of Sydney/Melbourne if they must have something news based on air.

      There is really no point in trying to compete with Channel 7/9 for 6pm news, so maybe drop the traditional news bulletin and try something different?

      • I feel like news updates would be the way to go with 10, with a couple of 15-30 min updates from the newsroom during and between the ad breaks of shows. You need to focus more on ‘The Project’, while still giving great news…

        Celebrity Name Game needs more ‘game’ time added to it, more trivia in the clues and more questions…it’s not the celebrities that are making or breaking it, but how the rounds are played. If not, bring back Pointless as our dose of game show but instead in a late night time slot…use the Celeb Name Game spot for Neighbours or another high rating Aussie drama.

    • The thing is that they also need to leave space for Win News after 10 News First. Currently that airs at 6pm in regional areas, replacing Celebrity Name Game.

  2. I’m still enjoying the show, it’s fast paced, the panel is good and Osher the perfect host. Maybe next season, as the shows is fine tuned, the clues will be harder. With the high ratings will come a bigger budget and maybe some international artists.

  3. The first two singers eliminated on the Masked Singer, every performer who has sung first has been eliminated. The judges are on the money with the guesses now. I read an article last night which made a good point, everyone was shocked at Gretel Killeen being the octopus but since then it’s been a bit of oh it’s you, who are you?

  4. TasTVcameraman

    Looking at the numbers for Celebrity Name, is it much above the numbers for Pointless, I miss Pointless, maybe an hour version a bit later of a night. 10 have a problem with the time slot.

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