Returning: Harlots

Season 3 of UK-US period drama Harlots begins this week on SBS VICELAND.

The 8 part series begins with a double episode. This premiered internationally in July.

A year after the end of Season Two, new pimps come to town in the form of the Pincher brothers, Isaac (Alfie Allen) and Hal (Ash Hunter), who have also become the new owners of the Scaracen’s Head tavern. In her brother’s absence, Lady Fitz (Liv Tyler) grows bolder, challenging the opinions of women in her class and pushing the boundaries of property. But her daughter Sophia struggles to understand her mother, and left to her own devices, her eye starts to wander.

Episode One:
The last year has been kind to the Wells girls. But when new pimps arrive in town, they soon target Charlotte’s house. With North absent and Charlotte taken by surprise, can she withstand their attack?

Episode Two:
North returns to London from a boxing tour to find the family brothel in dire straits, and Charlotte is bent on revenge. North advises caution, but that isn’t in Charlotte’s nature. As the feud escalates, Hal and Emily watch Isaac’s growing volatility with concern.

Friday, 11 October at 9.25pm on SBS VICELAND.

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