Rumour: Seven rebooting midday show?

Don't expect a return to the halcyon days of Mike Walsh or Ray Martin if this one proceeds.

Rumours are gathering that Seven will mount some form of midday entertainment show.

Ryan Northover from News Corp yesterday tweeted:


Industry sources tell TV Tonight pilots will take place soon.

But don’t expect a return to the halcyon days of Mike Walsh or Ray Martin with a full band and hefty budget.

Instead this one will likely include advertorials and be produced in Sydney.

It’s been a long time since Seven was in the Live midday market… with two shows, 1989’s The Bert Newton Show and Denise fronted by Denise Drysdale from 1998-2001.

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  1. Would have been nice if it was The Midday Show without the advertorials, but sadly, times have changed.

    But what’s next – having the Late Show return with advertorials, followed by 4 hours of Home Shopping?

    1. That’s where 7 and 9 want it to go.
      News from 6am to 6pm, so they can recycle the same 15 minutes, and update it when needed.
      Cheapest thing, second only to test pattern, which I’m sure they’d prefer the most.

  2. If its a high class variety show like the midday show was in the 70s yes, if its just more morning show crammed with advetorials and meaningless promotional interviews then forget it! Mike Walsh and Ray Martin knew how to do variety and serious interviews!

  3. 7 has a midday movie 12-2 at present. 90 mins plus 30 mins of commercials. 15 mins of commercials per hour is far too low. It should be the other way around – 30 mins of program and 90 mins of commercials, or “advertorials” as they are so weirdly labelled. So now 7 will have The Morning Show, The Daily Show, with The Midday Show all merged into one daytime blur of endless advertising 9am-3pm. Genius, James.

  4. I have VHS tapes of The Midday Show With Ray Martin and the thing which struck me was how long the segments were, with ad breaks consisting of 3 ads and a station promo. Nowadays you can have as many ads as 10 or 12 with much shorter program segments to accommodate all those ads. Shows produced in the US and UK have to be heavily edited to fit in all the ads when shown on TV here. That’s why we can’t have a Ray Marin-style Midday Show anymore. If Video Killed the Radio Star, Advertising Killed the TV Star.

  5. Advertorials will ruin it, unless they can somehow make them entertaining i.e send them up like Graeme Kennedy used to do, or make them one minute max, short and to the point ! I could think of lots of great hosts, but Gretel Killeen comes to mind ?

  6. Interesting idea but we currently have Seven Early News, Sunrise, The Morning Show, Seven Morning News, The new Midday Show, The Daily Edition, a break for Chase UK, Seven News at 4, a break for Chase Australia and then Seven News (with Today Tonight in 2 markets).

    Hell of a lot of news and I assume the majority will be rehashed across all of those bulletins.

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