Update: The Real Dirty Dancing

Seven has rescheduled its final two episodes of The Real Dirty Dancing.

Seven has rescheduled its final two episodes of The Real Dirty Dancing.

Instead of screening on Monday and Tuesday next week it will now air at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday.

That pits it against the NRL Grand Final on Sunday night on a long weekend in several states.

The show drew 580,000 viewers in its first outing, not a dire number but enough to land fourth in its slot.

Last night Jessica Rowe was chosen as the show’s preferred “Baby” to join Hugh Sheridan as “Johnny.”

Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings will screen next Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

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  1. I don’t understand the logic of pitting DD against another musically themed show like the MS and then forcing B&P to go up against the Bachelorette. Surely you swap the 2 and avoid genre clashes.

  2. It’s actually probably not that bad of an idea, as was said in the reviews Dirty Dancing is squarely aimed at a certain demographic to which a few would not watch NRL I would think. Plus with Nine on GEM in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth showing the Women’s NRL Grand Final from 3:30pm to 6pm by the time the Men’s comes around there may be others who look for something a little different as well. Of course that puts The Graham Norton Show on 10 up against the odds once again this week, be interesting to see if 10 hold steady with it on Sunday nights (as in wait until the competition is not so fierce).

  3. Wow, Sunday Night axed with immediate effect? Surely they wouldve had some content ready.
    Haven’t watched this show, but going by previews and reviews, i wouldve bet my last dollar on Jessica Rowe being Baby

  4. Well i’m someone who’s enjoying The Real Dirty Dancing. It’s a fun and a different cast to what you might normally expect. Yes it’s a bit of a silly idea, but so is putting people in costumes while having them sing and that seems to be popular.

  5. A bit of a risk to commit Bride & Prejudice to 3 nights a week before you’ve seen how it premieres tonight isn’t it! I suppose they are trying to lock down the core female demo early before The Bachelorette starts, so maybe there’s method to the madness.

  6. What is it that makes TV execs think “hit” for shows where we see the press description and can see from the outset it’s got “flop” written all over it.

    Maybe as the God of Australian TV David for the upfronts this year you should predict whether a show will be a hit or flop and then this time next year we’ll see how right you were. If a survey of readers could be done too that’ll be interesting as well.

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