Returning: Bride & Prejudice

This time 5 couples & their suitably disapproving families will stay in a country retreat with "extreme family counselling."

Bride & Prejudice returns for a third season in early October on Seven.

This time five couples and their suitably disapproving families will stay in a country retreat and participate in “extreme family counselling with therapist Leanne Hall.”

Isn’t extreme family counselling a contradiction in terms…?

During therapy, couples and families will come face-to-face with the issues that have ignited tension and process the fallout of emotional and honest confrontations.

No topic is off limits as all attempt to mend existing relationships and forge new ones. The results are raw, shocking and compelling. Can our five couples turn tragedy into triumph and prove that love can conquer all? Or will they be forced to choose between family or fiancé?

The Couples:
Milly (23) & Micah (25) (pictured)
Milly’s mother Catherine thinks Micah is a California dreamer (‘loser’) who smokes too much pot. He’s not the man she wants for her daughter or the father she wants for her grandson.

Jess (28) & JoJo (38)
JoJo’s head over heels in love with Jess and wants her father to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day just like he did for her sisters. Strict Lebanese Catholic Sid and his wife Lody love their daughter but believe they will be sinning in front of God if they attend the wedding.

Codie Lea (21) & Nathan (25)
Codie Lea is the love of Nathan’s life, but his mother Laurelle can’t stand her and believes she’s taken her son and granddaughter away from her. Laurelle thinks Codie Lea’s a “plastic barbie” and wants her out of her son’s life for good.

Tori (28) & James (34)
Tori and James are from different worlds, but they are madly in love. Tori’s well-to-do mother Mary-Ann believes love isn’t enough and Tori can do far better than bad-boy James. Mary-Ann’s ideal son-in-law is a professional, not a tradie baring tats and wants her daughter to reconsider her marriage plans.

Dannii (24) & Denton (27)
Newly engaged couple Dannii and Denton can’t wait to get married. Dannii wants her mother Donna by her side on her special day, but Donna doesn’t think Denton is ‘the one’ for Dannii. Donna thinks Denton is a spoilt little rich kid and not a real man.

Wednesday 2 October 7.30pm, continues Thursday 3 October on Seven.

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  1. It’s good to see some focus on reconciliation & compromise with counselling in the new season. The previous seasons were compelling, but it was mostly left to the family members to sort out the differences themselves without any professional help. Relationship conflict is a big problem within many families, friendships & relationships. There are various reasons, such as ego, clashing interests, agendas, religious factors, family or work backgrounds & mental health, for example.

    The relationship shows shouldn’t always be about drama for entertainments sake as it’s irresponsible, a horrible way to get ratings and gives a bad impression. Shows like MAFS were criticised a lot by many people in the media.

    1. This won’t be counselling in any meaningful or helpful way. It’s similar to how the psychologists on Married at First Sight do nothing at all except fan the controversy and add to all the hot air

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