Returning: Bride & Prejudice

Volatile series doesn't hold back on opinions of cheaters, womanisers, a "slutty party girl" and that being gay "is a sin."

Volatile Seven reality series Bride & Prejudice is back for its second season next week with “The Forbidden Weddings.”

It will screen at 7:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (it isn’t clear if there is more Take Me Out to screen), pushing a Wanted finale back to a 9pm start on Monday. Its debut will also go up against Nine’s Family Food Fight.

Based on the press release flagging cheaters, womanisers, gold diggers, a “slutty party girl” and being gay “is a sin” this one is clearly not holding back….

What happens when a love story turns into tragedy? You’ve found ‘the one’ and you’re ready to make a commitment but your family is determined your relationship must end.

Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings features six couples each desperate to marry the love of their life, but their families don’t approve.

In a bid to fix their fractured families, the couples will stay together at a retreat and take part in intense therapy guided by family therapist and relationship expert Leanne Hall.

During therapy, the couples and their families come face-to-face with the issues that have ignited tension and deal with the fallout of emotional and honest confrontations.

No topic is off limits as all attempt to mend existing relationships and forge new ones. The results are raw, shocking and compelling.

Can the couples gain their loved ones’ approval before their big day? Or, will their parents and friends sabotage their wedding day before they even walk down the aisle?

Can our six couples turn tragedy into triumph and prove that love can conquer all? Or will they be forced to choose family or fiancé?

Hank (26) & Lily (23) Hank’s conservative parents Terry and Margaret believe Lily is too opinionated for their son and he would be happier with a woman who “doesn’t speak back.”

Ange (23) & Dylan (31) Ange’s religious dad John firmly believes being gay is a sin and thinks her planned marriage to girlfriend Dylan is a mistake that will send them both to hell.

Izzy (28) & Simon (27) Izzy’s mum Bobbi and best friend Amanda think Simon is a bad boy sociopath and a womaniser who will not do the right thing by Izzy.

Jess (21) & Seyat (19) Seyat’s mother Fatima thinks he’s too young to marry and he’s picked the wrong girl in “slutty party girl” Jess.

Melissa (29) & Aalden (32) Melissa’s mother Jill and sister Rachel think Melissa is setting herself up for failure if she marries recovering gambling addict and cheater Aalden.

Ry (21) & Phillipa (39) Philippa’s parents Peter and Gunilla think the 18-year age gap in their daughter’s relationship with partner Ry is an obstacle too great to overcome and worry he’s a gold-digger.

7:30pm Monday Oct 29, Tuesday Oct 30 and Wednesday Oct 31 on Seven.


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