US duo claim Masked Singer used their arrangement

Arizona-based duo Halocene claim an arrangement reworking Billie Eilish hit Bad Guy was used in The Masked Singer without approval.

The song was performed by Kate Ceberano as The Lion on episode three. The arrangement also included an original riff the band had written for one of their own songs, Why Wait?

Posting a YouTube clip comparing arrangements, they said, “There are things that aren’t even present in the Billie Eilish version, which includes distinct cord changes — the guitar, the basslines, instrumental melodies, the vocals. Even the ad libs [and] the shouting at the end.”

They claimed, “We basically borrowed our own ideas, and we injected into this, so it was part cover, part mashup of our own song. We’re using our riffs and melodies from our original content in this song. The Masked Singer Australia has basically purposefully and willingly stolen our licensed recording of Bad Guy but they’ve inadvertently stolen from my original song, Why Wait?

There is no suggestion Ceberano was aware of the Halocene version of the song. reports they have since launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for “international legal representation”.

Channel 10 and Warner Bros declined to comment on the accusations.


  1. If they are so confident, why are they asking other people to find their court case?
    If they lose, will they done the money back?
    If they win, will they give the money back?

  2. I’m not sure you can own an arrangement of somebody else’s song, and even if you can, the money they’d get for the performance royalty is less than they’re trying to crowd source.

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