Nine News Now to rest over summer for Tipping Point

Nine News Now will halt over summer to pit British game show against The Chase UK.

UK game show Tipping Point is set to screen on Nine afternoons from 3pm Monday December 2.

TV Tonight can reveal Nine will halt Nine News Now over summer non-ratings with the game show and sporting commitments screening across 3 – 4pm.

That will also pit the show against timeslot winner The Chase UK on Seven which rates north of 150,000, while Nine’s show is above or below 100,000.

Tipping Point in which contestants answer general knowledge questions to win counters which they use on a large coin pusher arcade-style machine.

Hosted by Ben Shephard it has been running in the UK since 2012.

While Nine sources said Nine News Now will return, that could change if the show draws a bigger audience.


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  1. Am looking forward to the battle of the UK Game Shows (The Chase vs Tipping Point).

    What are the chances that Nine will air Nine News Now at 2pm in the new year? To go against The Daily Edition, also at 2pm. Seven and Nine like to have a plenty of similarities in their daytime schedule 😛

  2. After you last posted about this show David, I watched a whole bunch of episodes on YouTube (the contestants upload the episode they appear on often) and got hooked. By no means must watch TV but it is fun. Only thing it’s quite a wordy show, hosting wise, and I’m not sure if Australia will like that.

      1. Not so in the 80s, we had chatty hosts then remember the days of Sale and Tony hosting, true not slower paced but that was Tony’s style to be fast pace and he would often make jokes ect. Cant remember a shiny floor being used then cause most sets back then were carpeted. Wouldnt that be a step back bring back a carpeted set 🙂 Sale, Feud and even Wheel were all carpeted then 🙂

      1. Which is in itself highly patronising. Why do women need their news dumbed down and spliced with naff discussions about what’s happening on social media and what Meghan Markle is wearing?

        1. Because many people in in this world including men prefer to have their news dumbed down, it’s the format The Project uses after all and it seems to work well for Channel 10 to continue with it.

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