Power: teaser

Warning: Be sure you have seen S6 E10 "No-one can stop me."

Warning: Be sure you have seen  Power S6 E10 “No-one can stop me.”

Stan today released a new teaser for the final five episodes of Power that will premiere in January.

After a mid-season finale that left James “Ghost” St. Patrick shot by an unknown assailant and possibly fallen to his death, the teaser highlights the seven possible shooters. Come the new year, the identity of “Who Shot Ghost?” will be revealed as the final five episodes of the extended 15-episode season brings the series to an end.

The series returns to Stan on Sunday, 5th January same day as the US.

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  1. Viewers should also stay for the extras at the end. The two show writers are interviewed about the script and probed for whodunnit clues, kind of confirming that Ghost really is now a ghost. I figured that the ending would likely have Ghost killed but hoped for a twist as Power is about power and the main character really needed to prevail, now it seems the final 5 episodes will be a murder wrap up which if so is a soft ending for followers of the series.

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