Spicks & Specks, Hamish & Andy tussle over audience.

Ratings: ABC narrowed ahead of Nine for the top entertainment show on Sunday.

Spicks & Specks returned to 721,000 viewers last night for its Ausmusic special.

That was the top entertainment show for the night. Although it was down on last year’s 905,000 it was still probably one of ABC’s better drawcards in the early Sunday slot this year.

It barely defeated Hamish & Andy’s “Perfect” Holiday on 715,000 (from 7pm) ….ironically Hamish Blake has been a Spicks regular. Nine however did top the demos. Zumbo’s Just Desserts (405,000 from 7pm) and The Graham Norton Show (330,000) followed.

60 Minutes (528,000) then outranked ABC’s Mystify Michael Hutchence (418,000), and Sunday Night signed off to just 379,000 from 8pm. NCIS was 284,000,

During the day the Cricket drew up to 470,000 for Seven, upstaging 10’s Newcastle 500 Supercars at up to 202,000.

Nine network won Sunday with 30.9% then Seven 25.4%, ABC 20.0%, 10 14.6% and SBS 9.1%.

Nine News drew 734,000 for Nine. Playground Murder Plot was 250,000.

Seven News was #1 at 859,000 for Seven. Movie: The Commuter was only 175,000.

ABC News (658,000) and Antiques Roadshow also comprised ABC’s night.

The Sunday Project was 371,000 / 198,000 for 10. A second NCIS was 246,000.

On SBS it was Secrets Of The Railway (212,000), Einstein And Hawking (180,000) and SBS World News (133,000).

7TWO’s Border Security topped multichannels at a modest 136,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 24 November 2019

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  1. Loved S & S ….well done as always…but that beard..it creeps me out….yes, I know why, now…but still creepy…..I was on ABC nearly all night.

  2. I cannot believe Hamish and Andy convinced 9 to pay them to do these so called challenges on each other and call it a tv show. Im enjoying watching it and it gives you a laugh.
    Spicks and Specks was good last night and it was a nice tribute at the end and yes Missy Higgins deserves more recognition than what she gets.

  3. Enjoyed the special last night, especially the tribute to Richard Gill and Jim Keyes (from Masters & Apprentices). Nina Oyama is grossly underrated, very talented but underutilised (I think I only see her in Utopia but not much else). And Adam sporting the Brexit beard (check out Adam Hills: The Last Leg to see why he is growing the beard).

  4. Was really nice to have Spicks & Specks back on the screen. The casting producers should be commended for the special ~ Missy Higgins so comfortably exhibited her suite of talents that it almost puts the industry to shame how under-utilised she is across the media landscape, and Nina Oyama has been such a revelation among Aus’s live comedy scene for the last few years ~ it’s nice that S&S is still doing what it always has (giving brilliant comics a larger platform) rather than allowing these AMM specials to just be a nostalgia fest. And of course Rove and BM perfectly filled the roles they were cast for, again commendations to CP). So lovely to see the dynamic of the key three has not lost a beat.
    Shame iView figures are screen-based because I expect many of the delayed viewings won’t be by individuals, but fams gathering around S&S as they did a decade ago ~ especially as families…

  5. So enjoyed the Spicks & Specks special.
    Loved seeing Alan, Myf and Adam back on our screens – a long time between drinks.Have missed them.
    A a great selection of guests, especially Brian Mannix. He’s always good value.
    Really wish S & S could come back full time.

      1. Maybe true ,but I’ve found this series wanting ,didn’t grab me like their older shows and David do you know if their contract with 9 is still ongoing.

    1. Very low numbers for the Supercars ,i wonder if Foxtel and 10 will rethink their position when the tv rights are up next year , Bathurst did well but that alone won’t wave the chequered flag ?.

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