Total Control: “We are all lining up to do it again”

Creatives behind acclaimed ABC drama Total Control are “lining up to do it all again.”

Rachel Griffiths last week described the project as a career highlight.

Total Control was brought to the cohesion and emotional gut-punching beauty under auteur Rachel Perkins, who is also an exceptional director & collaborator of the highest order,” she said in her Hector Crawford Memorial Lecture at Screen Forever conference.

She added, “Selected by TIFF out of 400 TV submissions currently on our screens to universal acclaim -my gratuitous nudity aside- (it) sounded like a nightmare. No. It was the greatest joy of my career and we are all lining up to do it again.”

Michael Carrington Head of Entertainment & Specialist said, “It’s been a huge success and I think we knew all the way through it was going to have an impact and audiences were definitely going to engage with it. So there is thinking around season 2.

“It will just have to find its feet and voice, and Sally (Riley, Head of Drama, Comedy and Indigenous) is working on it.”

The final episode airs 8:30pm tonight on ABC.


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