MAFS dominates Sunday viewing

Reality TV shows enter their second week of new season episodes, with Nine coming out on top.

With less than a week to go until 2024 survey begins, Reality juggernauts entered their second week of new season episodes.

Under OzTAM’s new Reach methodology Married at First Sight was #1 at 2.52m viewers last night, well ahead of the competition.

Australian Idol reached 1.87m for Seven.

At 7:30pm ABC’s Muster Dogs reached 1.17m then 10’s Australian Survivor at 1.08m.

In News and Current Affairs 60 Minutes reached 2.02m then Seven News, winning its slot at 2.02m ahed of Nine News 1.9m then ABC News on 1.22m.

In Drama an NCIS: Hawaii repeat (721,000) landed ahead of ABC’s Total Control (704,000).

Survey begins on Sunday February 11.

National Total TV: Sunday 4 February 2024.

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  1. A great evening/night’s viewing on SBS for the more discerning viewer-the Irish Civil War doco, Ocean wrecks, Abandoned Engineering, Worlds Best Electric Cars, The Great Pyramids and Secrets of Modern Archaeology-a night of entertaining and informative stuff one would be proud to admit watching!

  2. Nine in a real purple patch, tennis halo effect? But can’t see Married being toppled anytime soon! Worrying for rivals, especially Seven, as “Hardmax” notes look at Aus Idol and Seven in general’s very weak to say the least demographic results (and in metro which we can’t see anymore) and east coast, which is truly all they would care about. Even Nine’s other core metrics (according to other media sites in a weekly wrap today) are being won: 25-54s, 16-39s, 9Now bvod, 60 Minutes, Tipping Point, 9News in Syd and Melb, etc. It’ll be a long Q1 and year (especially with Olympics) if these trends continue. Good luck to publicity teams and sites like TVT from Sunday survey! 🙂

    1. I’m sure Seven are delighted with the numbers for Idol, it’s growing an audience and is only in it’s second season returning from a 14 year hiatus. I’ve started watching with my family and we are loving the new auditions format. They haven’t re-invented the wheel, but it’s on a different level to last years series. We are exhausted with MAFS and aren’t religious Survivor fans

        1. I watched the launch on 7Plus late one night last week and really enjoyed it, agreed great singers, back stories and Marcia is a gem. However, it’s still a country mile off Nine/Married in just about every metric and dangerously close to Survivor in some, I think commercially Seven really need to look carefully at Idol both still this season (if they can try anything) and going forward in 2025.

      1. But, details matter – 10’s franchise was (and has been all season) No.2 behind MAFS in the advertiser friendly 25-54 and 16-39 Demos …where the money is made!
        Seven and ABC’s significant share of the over 55’s drives total people numbers, but isn’t of particular interest to 10.

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