How is Celebrity Name Game faring on 10 Bold?

Admittedly it's now in repeats, but as a multichannel show this one can't really expect big returns.

On the weekend TV Tonight revealed Celebrity Name Game would head to 10 BOLD to allow 10 News First room to trial an extended bulletin.

That has seen 10’s share lift at 6pm on the primary channel, albeit in summer when a number of news anchors have vacated their chairs.

But it hasn’t been quite so kind to Celebrity Name Game.

It should be noted the show is in repeats at present, but only around a quarter of the audience is now watching on BOLD.

On Monday it drew a multichannel audience of 41,000 metro viewers. Yesterday it was 35,000. Strictly speaking those are down slightly on what Judge Judy had in the BOLD 6pm slot in the week previous.

10 is understood to have several months of new episodes in the can, so it is probably looking for survey to resume before those are rolled out.

The main game is now not celebrities, it is in building news at 6.

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  1. Of course ratings are going to be low when they are running repeats. I wouldn’t watch repeats as it wasn’t that long ago that I watched the episode when it was originally aired. Why waste time and watch it again? Also some people may not realise it is on 10Bold, unless it was advertised at 6pm during the news.

  2. Why did they cancell Family Fued it was better and more fun that this show. I think 6pm is a news time for most people who work. 5pm would be a better time to air game shows. There are so many other avenues now to watch the news as well.

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