Lachlan Murdoch buys Hillbillies mansion

A few months ago I posted on Bel-Air’s Chartwell Estate -better known as The Beverly Hillbillies mansion- because it was on the market.

It was used as exteriors for the hit 1960s sitcom.

It was recently listed at $US195 million, down from the price tag it once hit $US350 million. At various times it has been the most expensive house in America.

Lachlan Murdoch is now it’s new owner having paid $US150 million -the highest home price ever in California.

Includes a Cement Pond….


  1. Charles Croucher’s story regarding the mansion’s sale to Murdoch on Nine News last night was brilliant. “Come and listen to my story about a man named Lach. An Australian in LA with a lot of News Corp stock…”.

  2. ‘Beverley Hillbillies’ still being shown here on CTV 44 Perth. I’m surprised that the mansion is still standing given the Hollywood penchant for demolition and rebuilds (buildings and people).

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