Test Cricket delivers week to Seven

Ratings: Seven drew particularly big shares towards the end of the week.

Test Cricket ensured Seven comfortably won the second week of summer non-ratings. There were particularly big shares on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

Seven News Saturday was the week’s top audience at 859,000 viewers.

Seven: 31.2
Nine: 26.3
ABC: 18.2
10: 15.3
SBS: 9.0

Primary channel:
Seven: 22.4
Nine: 16.2
ABC: 13.0
10: 8.7
SBS: 5.1

9GO!: 4.1
10 BOLD: 4.0
9GEM: 3.6
7TWO: 3.1
7mate: 3.0
ABC KIDS Comedy: 2.8
10 Peach: 2.6
9Life: 2.4
7flix: 2.0
ABC News: 1.7
SBS Food: 1.2
SBS World Movies: 1.0
7food: 0.7
ABC ME: 0.6
NITV: 0.3

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  1. So lets me understand this I assume there are 2 separate networks covering the Cricket, cameras for Seven and cameras for Foxtel,2 sets of commutators surely they can get together and share the coverage?

      1. Is there a source for that? Based on the few shots of the cameras that I saw, the broadcast was produced by NEP Australia, and assumingly made available to both networks. The graphics Seven / Foxtel are different, and I believe that Fox Rover and Flying Fox coverage was only available to Foxtel.

        Comparing that to the WBBL and BBL games that are showing on both, where Foxtel take the Seven feed with the same commentators and graphics (thankfully without adverts).

        1. Actually, 7 has sometimes used camera from Flying Fox and Fox rover and for WBBL & Womens Internationals, Fox uses 7 everything but for BBL Fox uses 7 cameras and stuff with their own commentators

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