“This is my last regular Q&A”


It was a low key farewell by Tony Jones last night on Q&A in his final appearance as permanent host.

The season final, which included Malcolm Turnbull and Anthony Albanese as panelists, bowed out with a montage of 12 season highlights. At the end creator & producer Peter McEvoy can be seen shaking Jones’ hand.


  1. What absolute rubbish that Q&A “stacks on” or is somehow pushing a leftie agenda. If ever the right side of politics were not represented on the panel, it would have been because no-one took up the offer. And they would say this at the top of the show. Plus, don’t forget the Abbott ban on appearing. They even balance the audience to get a better representation of audience views.

  2. One of the many reasons I stopped watching Q and A years ago. It’s panels weren’t balanced and it had become a lefty love in.
    Ratings also reflect viewers where tuning out. I don’t want to sit and watch a bunch of people with the same views bash one person who doesn’t whilst the rest pat each other on the back.

    • I’ve noted before the panel had left and right almost every week including Lib politicians. I also post panel info weekly. I just don’t think generalising helps this argument. Yes ratings have dipped as they have for almost every show on TV. Doesn’t make sense to compare 2019 ratings to 2015 let alone a decade ago.

    • 100% agree: the Q&A way was to include the same repetitive topics; climate change, marriage equality and refugees.

      If the panelist didn’t subscribe to the left views they would be challenged, cut off or stacked against.

      With the rise of SKY News the right simply moved away and probably watch Paul Murray from 9-10:30.

      The public broadcast needs to be more balanced in its panel and allow both points of views to be challenged.

      Being biased has ultimately meant its no longer an agenda setting program for the next days newspapers and also alienated most of the wider public who are centre-right.

      It’s incoming host Doesn’t give me any promise that any of these issues will be addressed.

      • I don’t meet any people who are offended by Christmas, not even atheists, but this perception by some of the ABC’s political correctness is (depending on your point of view) a lingering PR problem for the ABC that is politically unlikely to change now or in the future.

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