1.872m: Massive ratings as Nadal defeats Kyrgios

Last night’s Australian Open Match drew mega ratings for Nine, with the night session averaging 1.872m metro viewers.

It was instantly the biggest show of the year…

Nine network pulled a whopping 50.4% share -the biggest share since April 2018 and Nine’s biggest since 2012. That even outranks multiple State of Origin nights. Melbourne audiences couldn’t get enough of it, with 785,000 tuning in. Sydney was some distance behind at 456,000 followed by 343,000 for Brissy.

Nine claims the match itself between Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios from 19:16-22:55 was 1.918m metro viewers -higher still with regional viewers included.

Kyrgios’ blockbuster grudge match against Nadal proved to be an incredible four-set battle with Nadal triumphant 6-3 3-6 7-6 7-6.

Over the weekend Nine claimed its tennis audience was up by 11% on 2019.

The Nadal / Kyrgios match saw I’m a Celebrity dip to 575,000, rising to 677,000 for the elimination of Perez Hilton, ahead of Home & Away‘s extended return at 548,000.

Survey ratings resume on February 9.


  1. jezza the first original one

    NK is worth watching when he’s playing well and not too bratish. Rafa was still way too good for him, he’s at a different level. The only brat in the men’s game that was hugely successful was John McEnroe with 7 majors. Tennis brats are nothing new, they’ve been around for 40 years. So NK is hardly original and probably won’t win much, but he’s worth watching occasionally. Simona Halep is great to watch

  2. The first live tennis I have watched for more than 5 minutes since Hewitt / Rafter era.

    Nick still comes across as bratty and immature, breaking his racket, complaining to the chair umpire regularly etc. Nadal just seemed to play tennis and accept the good with the bad without any fuss.

    Must have been tough for Nick though with the tragic passing of Kobe. Thought Nick played pretty well for most of the match though.

    • daveinprogress

      Funny it was my first extended tennis viewing too since that last heyday of Aussie men’s tennis. I went to bed as Nick lost his serve at start of set 4. It was great tv. He’s a bad boy but the crowd and viewers I think really want him to be the player we all know he could be if he could master his anger.

      Wonder if Nine and the Australian Open organisers will schedule Bartys semi and hopefully final into prime time.

    • Sorry, I don’t give him extra points for not acting like a turd. He was still having a pointless rant at the umpire over something so pathetic. Then he himself challenged a call that was wrong. He needs to learn how to be humble throughout an entire match which I’m yet to see. Other players manage to do it.

  3. Tennis is also only for two weeks as the BB is on for over 6 weeks or more ( who knows seems to be never ending) Rating before start of Tennis and after it finishes

    • That really is the only benefit of the cricket over tennis now – that it is much longer & helps develop consistent ratings. However, Nine are back in the game with just over 7 days coverage vs. 6 or more weeks. When comes to peaks & averages etc., cricket would be more competitive I am sure, but looking at yesterday, no combined cricket audience has been that big

    • Seven will tell you the cricket is better because it delivers higher reach, but this is mainly because of the tests which go for most of the day. Seven now shares cricket with Foxtel, which has forever fragmented the total audience. Because Seven share with Foxtel, and miss out on some Foxtel exclusive matches, the FTA audience is now smaller than when Nine had it. Seven also don’t have any streaming rights. Because Nine is not sharing the tennis with anyone who else, they have 100% of audience including the bigger FTA audience & all streaming rights on 9Now. Cricket deal definitely a dud for Seven, but great for Fox

    • Nine obviously. Nine had the tests and ODIs (Ten the BBL which was growing) and only the Boxing Day test rated well and they were losing millions producing the coverage. Seven had a sweetheart deal for the tennis (still before the courts) with TA producing the coverage for a global audience. They were raking it in and the tennis was an excellent platform for promoting MKR.

      Now the cricket is way down, Ten has no sport and MAFS is thumping MKR and Nine is winning both the ratings and more importantly the revenue battle.

    • I think 9 got a better tennis deal over 7/Fox Cricket. 9’s Tennis broadcasting contract was worth $358 million (2019-24) while 7/Fox was $1.125 billion (Sep 2018-Feb 2024). This shows how well 9 is performing in ratings due to its lucrative tennis deal.
      I haven’t watched much of AO, as I had other appointments. However during the night I streamed the tennis on 9Now.

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