Charlotte Crosby into 10’s jungle

Update: Myf Warhurst and Tom Williams also confirmed.

UK reality star Charlotte Crosby has been confirmed by 10 for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

She joins previously-announced Miguel Maestre as part of the 2020 cast.

Crosby, best known for Geordie Shore and winner of Celebrity Big Brother, is described as a “Reality TV queen, influencer, radio star, author, entrepreneur and charity ambassador” who is “celebrated for her uniquely honest, no-holds-barred approach to life.”

10 also describes her as “unfiltered, unapologetic and just a little bit crass”, who is single and ready to mingle in the jungle.

Crosby has made a string of TV appearances in the UK, including MTV’s Just Tattoo of Us and featuring in her own UK reality series, The Charlotte Show. According to some media reports her 7 million Instagram followers help her fit the TV Megastar clue ….who knew?

“I absolutely cannot wait to join I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! I’ve wanted to do this show for as long as I have been on TV and I have finally been given the opportunity. I am so excited to make a load of new friends and do some really daring challenges to totally push myself out of my comfort zone,” she said.

Sunday, January 5 at 7.30pm on 10.


Update: Myf Warhurst and Tom Williams confirmed.

Broadcaster, television presenter and journalist, Myf is a wearer of many hats. And we can’t wait to hand her an Akubra. From her stint on cult classic Spicks and Specks to hosting Eurovision Song Contest, there is nothing this pop-culture guru can’t do. Well…except jump out of a plane or hold a spider.

 Tom Williams is more than just a pretty face (but have you seen that face?!!) He can also build stuff. And host stuff. A carpenter by trade and popular media personality, Tom is best known for his work with the Seven Network on The Great Outdoors, Dancing With The Stars and The Daily Edition.

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  1. If you don’t want to find out who Charlotte is then don’t watch the show she very funny and kind hearted so what if she gets drunk I have yet to meet an auzzie that doesn’t drink!!!!

  2. Even though I don’t know her and no doubt a great chunk of people entering the jungle I know Chris and Julia and they are great. I’m looking forward to watching this season.

  3. I guess I’m one of the few who know who she is. She was on Geordie Shore and was one of the most popular contestants. She also won celebrity Big Brother in 2013. I’d say it’s likely only young people know who she is, and that being said only people who watch British TV to add.

  4. She’s the mega star? Are they serious? I’ve never even bloody well heard of her. Unapologetic & unfiltered is code for rude & obnoxious. Gees I hope the rest of them are better.

    1. Be interesting to see how many of her campmates know who she is.

      Always funny when the introductions between celebs in camp are “who are you and what do you do?”

  5. She was quite crass and immature on big brother. She used to get really drunk every night and on one occasion famously wet the bed on live TV. They don’t usually give alcohol on I’m a celeb so she’ll probably be quite tame and boring. These young reality stars can only perform when they are tanked up.

  6. Yes I join the ‘never heard of her’ queue but she is very popular on social media. Lots of people saying she will be great value. She will most probably get voted all the time by the public to do the yucky stuff like they did to the one person last year.

    1. Oh i normally hate things like Geordie Shore but she is good value she takes nothing to seriously and takes the mickey out of herself. The one interesting thing will be how the rest of the camp deals with aloud Geordie and all the Geordie sayings she uses. She released a book called Me Me Me

  7. This is a good get for 10! I have to admit when I saw her intro video reveal i didnt recognise her until i read the caption and a few seconds after she started talking had so much work! Lol

    1. Might be best to reserve judgement. She could be a household name by the time the show finishes.

      Never heard of Angie Kent until Gogglebox. Now she’s everywhere.

    1. i did a commercial back in the nineties when the number 9 was added to the start of landlines so am i a celebrity , people who go on reality tv shows are contestants but when they leave they are somehow reality tv stars or celebrities it is a joke .
      just one more fta tv show not watching and the list is very long

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