Charlotte eliminated before 10 finale

Geordie Shore star was a surprise elimination from the jungle.

UK reality star Charlotte Crosby was a surprise elimination last night on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

The brash Geordie Shore star followed her ‘showmance’ boyfriend Ryan Gallagher who was eliminated the night before.

Crosby had been widely tipped to make it to the finale on Sunday but this week some fans questioned the authenticity of their relationship and took to social media after the pair argued with Perez Hilton & campmates.

But Crosby’s outspoken manner occupied plenty of screentime across the series and she is due in Australian in coming weeks for an undisclosed role.

Miguel Maestre, Rhonda Burchmore, Dale “Daisy” Thomas and illusionist Cosentino are now competing for the series title on Sunday, with one more to be eliminated tonight.

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  1. Ive enjoyed this years series but i feel the producers have erred in showing way too much of the romance..people tired of it and there was backlash due to the reduction of air time of others.

  2. I was enjoying this year’s show until Perez Hilton arrived. He was rude and nasty, and upset almost everyone. It was telling that as soon as his grace period and immunity were over he was eliminated from the show. I wonder why he was even cast as an intruder. If he hadn’t been there, two eliminations on one night would not have been necessary.
    I was also pleased we didn’t have any politicians in the camp this year. They were loud, divisive and embarrassing.
    I’ve most enjoyed Myf, Rhonda and Miguel this year. I do hope Miguel wins.

  3. The showmance run was over and it was time for dear Charlotte to go, it was fun whilst it lasted, it’s up to the happy couple and the gossip mags now…. i wish them well, Go Rhonda Butchmore !

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