Jodi Anasta quits Neighbours

Jodi Anasta has quit Neighbours after nearly four years but denied it is related to her taking time off for exhaustion last year.

Anasta, who joined in July 2016, will be exiting as Elly Conway later this year in order to pursue other projects and move back to Sydney.

“Ramsay Street and Neighbours has really become my world, my life and my family,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

“While it is sad to say goodbye, it is also a really exciting time for me and the future. I will have so much more time with my beautiful daughter. I’ll get to do more school drop offs, all that kind of stuff, and just get back into auditioning again. I like being busy but just being back in Sydney and having that stability is a wonderful thing.”

Executive producer Jason Herbison told Digital Spy “Jodi is a much loved member of the Neighbours family and we’re grateful that she’s spent the past four years in Ramsay Street.

“The writers have thrown many challenges at her character Elly Conway and Jodi has sold every twist and turn with conviction, and I’m delighted she will be part of our next milestone, the 35th anniversary.

“We wish her well as she approaches the next chapter of her life and her career.”

Anasta said she wants to explore other opportunities, whether that be in television, film, design, beauty or music.


  1. Technically on home and away Martha is still on the run with Hugo (Bernard Currys character).

    But yeah it would make sense to bring her back. I mean Alf, Roo and her grandma are there.

    • I think that’s just a rumour. Nothing has been announced and can’t find any reporting on this.

      But I do hope he’s leaving. The Finn storyline has been a disaster.

  2. One of my favourites in Neighbours, the commute must be a hard slog after four years. I wish her well. Home and Away should snap her up, she’s part of that family too. It would be great to see Georgie Parker’s Roo be reunited with the daughter she gave up for adoption. I might even start watching again if it happened.

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