Renewed: The Chase UK

Good news for fans of The Chase UK.

Host Bradley Walsh recently revealed in The Sun that they’ve “just signed a two-year agreement to do another 500 episodes.”

That means it will be around for some time to come.

A new Chaser is joining the show, while a spin-off series called Beat the Chasers will see contestants face off against the famous five all at the same time.

The Chase UK airs in Australia on Seven.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. I was in London in September and October. They had 5 Chasers. Jenny Ryan was added in 2015 as the fifth but we don’t see her on our screens here. How far behind the rest of the world are we? Any idea David? Will 7 bring us up to date?

  2. I loved this version more than the Aus I do like Andrew he pronounces his words correctly asking questions but Brad is absolutely hilarious like the way they like to tease him when he asks the questions on air

  3. This is great news, and I’d love to see Beat the Chasers at some point.

    I love both the UK and Aussie versions but I do find ours a little more polished. Bradley moves at a snail’s pace through the cash builder rounds and it’s reflected in the contestants’ scores compared to here. AOK can be painful at times but at least he doesn’t have as much padding to do as when he hosted Deal or No Deal. That made it unwatchable for me.

    • You’ll never beat Tony Barber from Sale of the Century in his hey day ,I always watched that and I still think back on the prizes , whitegoods and a Holden Piazza to name but a few ?.

    • I think the Australian version is more polished because of time constraints, Australia has longer ad breaks compared to the UK. In the UK version, they have more time for banter which is what I like, it feels less “hurried”.

  4. I love The Chase but try as I may I just can’t stand Andrew O’Keeffe so can’t watch the Aussie version. Wish they would put newer episides of the pommie version on.

    • I agree. I believe there was a new look to the show on set design like 6 years ago when I watched it in Scotland but no new chasers though. But hasn’t been shown in Australia

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