Sam Wood, Melissa King, James Tobin join Better Homes & Gardens.

BH&G refreshes its cast in gardening, health & technology.

Better Homes and Gardens has announced three new presenters to the team this year in Sam Wood, Melissa King, James Tobin.

Health and fitness expert and former Bachelor, Sam Wood, will offer advice for adopting a healthier lifestyle.

“For me, it’s about helping people move more and eat better with simple, practical and real advice that they can understand and implement into their lives,” he said. “I am genuinely so excited to be joining the team.”

Melissa King (The Garden Gurus) said, “I will be tackling lots of fun and inspirational gardening projects – everything from edible garden projects to indoor plant styling – and I also want to encourage kids to get off the couch and into the garden with some great kid-friendly gardening ideas.

“For a gardening presenter, this is the pinnacle and I’m beyond excited to be working alongside people I have admired for years.”

James Tobin (Weekend Sunrise) will present the latest in Tech and Motoring.

“I’ll be playing with all the big kid toys and reporting back on how they can improve our lives at home and on the road,” says James. “I’ve known the BHG team for some time and to get to work with them is a real ‘pinch me’ moment.”

They join Johanna Griggs, Adam Dovile (DIY), Dr Harry Cooper (Vet), Graham Ross (Gardening), Tara Dennis (Decorating & Design), “Fast Ed” Halmagyi (Chef), Karen Martini (Chef) and Pete Colquhoun (Architect) with a new addition to the gardening team to be announced soon.

Landscaper Jason Hodges was recently dumped after 15 years, with reports he would be replaced by Selling Houses Australia‘s Charlie Albone.

7pm Friday February 7 on Seven.

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  1. Glad they didn’t add an actor who was totally awful with her “crafty” stuff that nobody would’ve done for example Demi Harmon bad bad bad idea only because she used to be on Home and Away.

    Think I’m wrong nearly every FB post about her crafts were commented awful by viewers

  2. 3 gardening presenters, 2 cooks, a “motoring and tech” reporter, Dr Harry & his beret and Tara and her handicrafts…..surely there’s no clearer example of a network that’s lost it’s way and has no idea what it wants a program to be? There’s an each way bet in this enormous and unwieldy cast – both younger and hipper and older and more experienced (daggy). Pity the poor producers who have to assign talent to segments, manage egos and create something viewers can identify with. Sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen! Tipping the first segment will Tara building a spice rack with Google connectivity

  3. With Charlie Albone that makes it 3 gardening presenters ? Really ? Sounds like overkill.
    Looks like they are clutching at straws ( or cars and tech and fitness in this case ) to appeal to more possible viewers…
    Danger is it becomes too diluted and with 12 presenters,.. a bit forgettable.

    1. It’s panic stations and bad decisions made, mainly because they used to win the annual Logies and have lost out to The Living Room in recent years. You are right, 3 gardening experts? 12 presenters, what the heck? Just too much going on. Before, when I used to watch, I enjoyed the hour, now with 1.5hrs, it is too long and that is without the new extras. It is a tired format and they should have reduced the time on air and got rid of other some other presenters (ie you do not need 2 cooks). Way more watchable. Tara is the best with craft.

  4. I don’t watch normally because I can’t stand Joanna Giggs’ voice. I don’t know why they had to get rid of Jason Hodges it’s beyond me. James Tobin deserves a spot with national prime time exposure he is a really good talent who has been under utilised by Seven. I do hope I still get to see him fill in for Sam Mac on Sunrise.

  5. Amazed they didn’t try to add more 7’s to the shows return. Feb 7 @7 on 7? l

    3 new presenters, wonder if their segments will be weekly or if they are extending the shows run time. otherwise it seems like Fast Ed won’t be the only one working fast lol.

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